Your Ticket To Launching a Scalable eCommerce Brand

Learn from world-renowned entrepreneurs, marketers, and digital pioneers on how to build and grow your business.

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Why Build a Haus?

Brand Development

Learn how you can create an influential brand while growing an engaged customer community.

Product Sourcing

Learn how to source suppliers for your product, design and develop your ideas, and manage a global supply-chain. 

Viral Marketing

Understand the world of social media and how to leverage the power of paid media and influencer marketing to get your brand in front of millions of people. 

The greatest investment that you can make is in yourself. 

Bonus Materials

Podcast Interview

Fireside chat style interview with influential digital pioneers shaping the world of PR, viral marketing, neuro-psychology, eCommerce, FB ads, and more. 

Consumer Psychology

Understand why people look at your brand, why they buy, and what you can do to optimize your attraction to those viewing your brand.

Extensive Case Study

Get a thorough walk-through from the founder of Doux Lashes on how he created a brand with $500 and grew it into a 7-figure brand without additional capital. 

Class Outline

  1. First day of class

  2. Essentials for Success
  3. Establishing Direction

  4. Building the Foundation

  5. Product Design

  6. Source Your Products
  7. Shaping Your Product

  8. Importing and Logistics

  9. Setting up your Shopify Store

  10. Order Fulfillment and Shipping

  11. Building Social Media Assets
  12. Influencer Marketing

  13. Theme Page Marketing

  14. Digital Marketing Overview

  15. Email Marketing

  16. Credit Card Reward Optimization

  17. Case Studies
  18. Mastermind Interviews

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